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Central Hub 8 Preview by SSBFreak Central Hub 8 Preview :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 5 44 41. Play by SSBFreak 41. Play :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 1 7 The Machinist by SSBFreak The Machinist :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 1 0
OMM S2: Wario vs. Knuckles Round Two
One-Minute Melee!
Where all of life’s problems can be solved with violence!
Two fighters! Sixty seconds! And NO research!
(Angel Island; Post Wario vs. Knuckles Round 1)

“Get back here with my emerald, Eggman!” An angry echidna roared up at a flying, pod-like machine as it was flying away with a huge, green emerald clenched in a claw hanging from below it.
The fat, mustached man sitting in the driver’s seat turned and laughed down at the echidna. “Not a chance, knuckle-head! I need the Master Emerald for my machine!” Eggman called out.
Knuckles the Echidna had already had a bit of a long day, and it wasn’t even noon yet. He was guarding the Master Emerald, per usual, when a strange, yellow-clad man dressed in plumbers garb showed up (how he had managed to get to Angel Island in the first place was anyone’s guess) and tried to steal the Master Emerald while Knuckles was asleep.
Needless to say, Knuckles didn’t take
:iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 4 4
Punmasters - Tower of Puns by SSBFreak Punmasters - Tower of Puns :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 19 9 Disney Party Queens - Zombie Apocalypse by SSBFreak Disney Party Queens - Zombie Apocalypse :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 1 0 All Star Heroes: Newcomer? by SSBFreak All Star Heroes: Newcomer? :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 0 3 94. Misunderstanding by SSBFreak 94. Misunderstanding :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 0 2 58. Lies by SSBFreak 58. Lies :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 0 2 11. Sadness by SSBFreak 11. Sadness :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 1 5 Poke Drama - Stop the Rock by SSBFreak Poke Drama - Stop the Rock :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 7 12 Firefox RPG - Bonnie by SSBFreak Firefox RPG - Bonnie :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 0 2 Firefox RPG - Anita and Inferno by SSBFreak Firefox RPG - Anita and Inferno :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 0 2 1. Life by SSBFreak 1. Life :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 3 0 68. What? by SSBFreak 68. What? :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 1 5 16. Vampires by SSBFreak 16. Vampires :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 1 4


MALICE by MiracleProductions MALICE :iconmiracleproductions:MiracleProductions 7 10 MBTI Analysis 13: Grace Cirillo by ThatoneMudkip MBTI Analysis 13: Grace Cirillo :iconthatonemudkip:ThatoneMudkip 4 3 Region Trotters: Kanto Catastrophes by CoGreen20 Region Trotters: Kanto Catastrophes :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 18 49 Who's It Gonna Be? by CoGreen20 Who's It Gonna Be? :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 10 55 Its Da Cast by MiracleProductions Its Da Cast :iconmiracleproductions:MiracleProductions 17 35 Auras and Azul by minty2mayhem Auras and Azul :iconminty2mayhem:minty2mayhem 3 7 Partner and Pokemon 3- Grace by MiracleProductions Partner and Pokemon 3- Grace :iconmiracleproductions:MiracleProductions 10 9 Meet The Cast! - Grace Cirillo by CoGreen20 Meet The Cast! - Grace Cirillo :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 13 52
EA: LEC - cRaZy vs Khall
cRaZy vs Khall
The roar of the crowd was loud, and boisterous!
The 10,000 plus men women, and children were all there for one reason, and one reason only….for a battle!
The Announcer came into the center of the ring sporting a massive Johnny Bravo esque haircut. He tapped the microphone, and announce in a very professional manner!
“LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUUMBLLLLLE!!!!!!!” he blasted into the microphone. The cheering crowds were in an uproar of excitement everyone’s eyes glued to the ring.
“Let us bring out our combatants!” All the lights went out but one spotlight showed in a particular corner with a red band on it “In the red Corner, weighing in at one purple cloak, the knife wielding master of disaster the luckiest ninja in the history of ninja’s whose only reason for being here is because he the heck…needed a day off!?….Er…really is that what it says?” he glares at one of the members at the desk in
:iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 1 4
One-Minute Melee: Minions VS Rabbids
One-Minute Melee!
Where research means nothing when you just want to see two (groups of) people fight!
Two (groups of) fighters! Sixty seconds! No research!
(Super Silly Fun Land)

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon on the road. People were happily making their way on the road. One particular man was humming a jovial tune as he was on his way to pick up his date for a romantic dinner.
Then, all of a sudden, it became darker. The man raised an eyebrow. There wasn’t any reports of an eclipse. He then turned his head and once he did, his eyes bugged out in horror.
Driving right next to him was a large chrome vehicle that was shaped like a rocket had made its way past. The man looked in shock as the vehicle had continued riding down the road as if it was a normal vehicle. It then drove towards the amusement park, Super Silly Fun Land and soon parked in its lot (while taking up at least five slots).
Then, a hatch opened up onto the ground. Suddenly, a bunch of small c
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 6 16
Chewy by DeathFromAbove1019 Chewy :icondeathfromabove1019:DeathFromAbove1019 64 17
A.S.H. Elympios Branch: Episode 5 Part 3
It didn’t take everyone long for them to exit the tree hollow and make their way towards the nearest exit. Welkin was leading the pack, along with Panmusu with Marina bringing up the rear looking out for enemies.
All they could hope was that they could escape and the team would survive the onslaught of beast monsters they were fighting. Hopefully, unlike with Marina’s call with the Wraith, when she calls to tell them that they were alright, it wouldn’t distract them.
“Everyone, halt!”
Almost immediately, everyone had stopped in their spots when they heard the shout. They all looked at Welkin to see him glaring forward. Everyone looked ahead and their eyes widened when they saw a bunch of monster heading their way.
There were six of them, but not unlike the monsters they had faced so far, they were not beast but rather plants. Five of them were small weird mixtures of gremlins and plants. However, the last one was what caught their attention. It was some ki
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 1 2
A.S.H. Elympios Branch: Episode 5 Part 2
Just like with Gaius’ team, the trio of Tetsuo, the Wraith and Rowen didn’t have far too long before they ran into a swarm of monsters. Immediately, the three got into their respective stances got ready to defend him.
Rowen had out a rapier, but despite wielding a short-range weapon, he was hanging out while Tetsuo and the Wraith were the ones doing the close combat. As the two muscled men fought out the monsters, Rowen then started to wave his rapier as if it was a conductor’s baton.
“Roche Waltz!” Rowen yelled. Then, a boulder had appeared from underneath one of the monsters and sending him into the air. However, Rowen wasn’t done yet as he continued to wave his rapier around. This actually made the boulder to roll around and knock away any monsters that weren’t preoccupied by Tetsuo and the Wraith.
Rowen gave a small smile at all of the damage he was causing. That was until he heard a noise from the side of him. Turning his head, he saw a Ba
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 1 2
A.S.H. Elympios Branch: Episode 5 Part 1
It was already stated before, but in contrast to the barren lands of Elympios, Rieze Maxia was full of life in terms of nature. There was no shortage of green forest and jungles. Because of this, there was a lot of stuff to explore.
That was the goal of a teacher and his class was about to find out. There was a large, dense forest called the Sapstrath Deepwood and they were on a field trip. With them were a pair of Rieze Maxian soldiers.
The teacher gave a small smile as he stood in front of his class.
“Alright, class. Let me recap on what we are supposed to do here.” The teacher explained. “We are here to study on how the plant life on Rieze Maxia differs from our world. I want you to not only study the colour and shape of the flowers but also other stuff like how the symbiotic relationships between the flora and fauna.”
The class all nodded their heads at this.
“Now studying may be your main task, but remember, we are in a forest full of monsters.”
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 1 2
Snowboard Cross Contest 2016: Round 1 Heat 2 by BluebottleFlyer Snowboard Cross Contest 2016: Round 1 Heat 2 :iconbluebottleflyer:BluebottleFlyer 11 14
A.S.H. Elympios Branch: Episode 4 Part 3
Tetsuo groaned as he fluttered his eyes open. He tried to hold his throbbing head in an attempt to ease the pain. However, he found himself unable to move his body as if it was pinned down.
“Ahoy there, sunshine!”
Tetsuo’s eyes widened when he saw that the Wraith and the rest of the Sea Foxes were standing over him with smirks on their faces.
His eyes immediately darkened in hatred. “You.
“Yes, me.” The Wraith said. “Oh, and I’ll save your energy if I was you. That is another one of my magic circles.”
Tetsuo growled as he still continued to struggle, anyway. The Wraith merely shook his head.
“He be not a quitter, I’ll give him that.” Foxy chuckled.
“I suppose his stubbornness could be seen that way.” The Wraith said, rolling his eyes.
While still struggling, Tetsuo looked around for the others. He then saw his teammates sitting on the side all bound up by rope.
“Guys!” Tetsuo y
:icontinyhammer:Tinyhammer 1 2


Central Hub 8 Preview
It's been a long time coming, but I've made the progress and I've decided to throw this together while I continue working on Survivor Central Hub. :) Working on episode seven now, so expect a full cast release when I get to episode eleven or so.

These are the nine applicants this season. Hopefully some will leave an impact to make them memorable. :)
Does anyone have the Switch yet? Wanna swap usernames so we can play Mario Kart? As usual, my username is SSBFreak.
41. Play
For :icon100themeschallenge:

Variation 4

41. Play

This is the last one. All one hundred pictures are done. I tried to do this one justice and finish on a high note, and I thought drawing a bunch of my characters that I've used during this challenge, Khall, Olig, Firefox, Misty, Erin, Sandy, Grace, Lucy and Baskett, just having a good time together was a good way to end it. :)

...For those curious, Erin's winning.
The Machinist
I sometimes picture how Grace would ever be able to fight. I've kind of been fascinated with the thought of a machine that's literally two huge arms that mirror every punch she throws, sort of like a stand from Jojo. =P

...Man, why do I like drawing Grace looking imposing or intimidating?
Episode five is done. Now I feel I can throw together a preview. May take a few days due to work, but I'll try to have one up...Relatively soon.
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I decided to try this out when I saw :icontinyhammer: doing it. Basically you make a playlist of songs, with each song starting with the next letter in your username. I decided to add a couple of rules as well, such as only using songs in my own playlist and only using one song per artist.

S - "Since I Gave Up Hope I Feel A Lot Better" - Steve Taylor.

S - "Scatmambo" - Scatman John

B - "Bend You Till You Break" - TryHardNinja

F - "Flumpty's Jam" - DAGames

R - "Rasputin" - Boney M

E - "Eat It" - "Weird Al" Yankovic

A - "Angry Birds Rap" - JT Machinima

K - "Kids" - MGMT

...Boy, I literally just noticed that I have, like, only ten songs beginning with K on my playlist.

This was actually pretty fun to do. Maybe I'll do more later for other people. =P


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